A.M. Architect

Color Field LP 


Released by 79 Ancestors | Licensing at The Music Bed

After meeting over 10 years ago while playing in the same band, Diego Chavez and Daniel Stanush share a passion for the place where songwriting and filmmaking intersect.  Over the years, they’ve found a way to push each other towards a collaborative process, which sees the pair openly trading an otherworldly sonic palette of live instrumental samples, grounding their compositions in a very human foundation.  Rhodes, pedal steel, piano, guitar, and electronics swirl and fuse together in a wholly-original, deeply emotive wash of dynamic instrumentation that can feel like vignettes in a larger cinematic story.  

It’s not by accident. Chavez and Stanush also work together as filmmakers – mutually adept cinematographers, editors, and motion graphics designers ready to push their audio and visual work closer towards becoming a singular articulation of their ideas and themes.


Solace LP


Licensing at The Music Bed

“These beats are swathed in gauzy shades before being allowed into the nighttime sky. Highlight songs include the titular, opening track, the hazed beauty of “Chasing Light,” the forlorn majesty of “Eli,” and the late night malleability of “Culture Lust.” As his name suggests, Aether plays hard in the spaces in-between realms, a place where the breath of the gods gives function to the wonders of man. While any track on “Solace” is perfect for an after-after-hour mix, I recommend pushing play and letting the whole thing run its course to get the full picture that Chavez is painting. This is Bob Rossi for your ear holes and that’s a grand panorama.”
- Jeff Weiss | passionweiss.com